Culture Building Through Cinematic Storytelling


It has been said that storytelling is the act of dreaming while we are awake and that our dreams render our reality. Dreaming is how we take in our external reality, weave it through our subconsciousness, and anchor it into our value systems. Dreams, stories, and films then become the fertile ground and birthplace of new ways of looking at the world.

As a filmmaker, I aim to create films that have an emotional resonance and cathartic impact on our culture. I aspire to create films that serve as inter-cultural bridges and lenses with which to see the world from a broader perspective. We live in a storm of stories. We communicate through them and learn from them. The image has never been more powerful, and as a storyteller, I want to plant new metaphors within the collective subconscious that bring us closer together in our diversity and our humanness. We are hardwired for stories. Great stories and films teach us how to live and are crucial to our survival. We would not have survived or evolved to where we are today without them.